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"I've had the pleasure of working with Debra on a number of different projects, from Geo-targeted local landing pages to performance-driven area of practice pages, all tailored to meet the specific needs of the attorneys and law firms our internet marketing business is built for. Each page-type is of high value to our clients, and can often call for multiple rounds of revisions, but because Debra is such a resourceful writer who does the necessary research beforehand, her pages required very little editing from myself or the client. This is because she asks the right questions up front in order to understand not only the content strategy, but the SEO and marketing strategy as well. She saves us time, money and resources, providing us with the best possible value for our spend.

Debra is an excellent writer who tackles each new project with the utmost rigor. From the initial project request down to the very last revision, she is easy to work with and always on schedule. I can count on Debra to hand in clean copies with the exact style and voice I had in mind when we discussed the project during our initial project kickoff call. Most of all, I appreciate her quick response to any questions I have, the tenacity and precision she employs for each new project, and her speedy turnaround time (since she tends to hand her work in well before the due date).

Debra has a warm and welcoming demeanor, which is necessary when working with clients. I suspect that ours will respond well to her professional and friendly approach when she begins interviewing them on our behalf. After working closely with Debra for only a few short months, she made me feel comfortable enough to ask if she would consider working with them directly - a task that I have yet to entrust with any other freelance writer to date. All of these qualities are a huge plus! I highly recommend her for all of your content writing needs." NEXTLEVEL WEB STRATEGIES

Melissa Pinheiro

Featured Client

"Debra has managed and created marketing for my law firm for well over a decade, creating masterful, unique content for my website and other collateral. Within just a few months using her new approach, my revenue tripled, I believe, as a direct result of her strategy and copy. She is superior at her craft and I found her to be conscientious and at all times operated with the highest integrity. I highly recommend her." Attorney Sumner L. Parker

Sumner Parker


"Debra has been wonderful to work with. Every task and assignment our agency has given to her has been met with the highest professionalism. Her legal experience and writing structure are outstanding. Rarely do we have to change a single element of her content that she produces for us! I highly recommend using Debra for any law firm, business, or agency's need for superior content that will be highly valued by both potential customers and Google.." DIGITAL LOGIC

Ryan Stevens

"As an integral member of our marketing and advertising team, Debra was innovative in creating our first "inside wiring" supplemental telephone services program. We hired her because of her established reputation for successful direct response programs, and she didn't let us down. The team spent countless hours putting together this program with Debra guiding us toward how to achieve the customer responses we sought. Her campaign generated a substantial increase in our non-essential services and profits. We were so satisfied with the success of her first direct response program, we subsequently hired her to create several others." Marketing Director, New England Telephone (Verizon)

Marcus Weinstein


"It seems Debra has an intuitive sense of what will make a consumer respond through her writing as evidenced by the massively successful subscriber campaign she created for us." National Fire Protection Association

Anita Greene


Debra has been working on one of my client's blogs for several months and has done an outstanding job. She has consistently created unique and compelling content that I could not find elsewhere. I've used other services in the past, but the legal industry is very difficult to write for and Debra has the knowledge and skills that set her apart from her competitors. Debra meets deadlines and special requests consistently, and when an article requires more information she's not afraid to find it on her own or reach out for further clarification or instruction. Additionally, she is able to capture the "voice" and political leanings of my client in a way that other services have not been able to - something that's tricky when dealing with attorneys. Debra is a little more expensive than other services, but that's a premium I'm gladly willing to pay for the quality I receive.

President Law Firm Marketing Agency

Featured Client

"Debra has a gift for knowing what readers want to read with her compelling writing style. She was always willing to make herself available on short notice as she put her heart and soul into stories while meeting tough deadlines." Editor (ret.) at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Roger Stuart


"Debra is not only a brilliant, precise writer but also during development was masterful at communicating between Harvard faculty and students in order to extract the information needed for our curriculum collateral." Marketing Adviser, Harvard Rowing Team

Deepak Khatri