Websites, Blogs, And landing Pages

As a website, blog, and landing page writer, I tripled one attorney client's revenue within a few months.

"Debra has created marketing for my law firm for well over a decade, creating masterful, unique content for my website and other collateral. Within just a few months using her new approach, my revenue tripled as a direct result of her strategy and copy." Attorney Sumner L. Parker

While I am a skilled writer in any genre, my focus is legal and business copy. I love to turn complex, detailed information into clear, easy-to-read, understandable content.

Lawyers, business owners, and marketing agencies know quality, professional copy is imperative to successful online presence. But just what is quality content? Any skilled writer can construct a decent sentence, punctuate correctly, draft a document. What makes my writing superior is that I know how to capture a brand's voice, informing and compelling prospective clients and customers to respond in the manner you require.

As a quality, response-focused writer, I will learn your audience, adapt your "voice" to my writing, and customize it to your website and blog.