A white paper written and promoted correctly is a powerful lead generation mechanism. An optimally functional white paper should educate prospective buyers, build trust and credibility, and implant an impression of your market leadership.

Traditionally, the purpose of a white paper was simply to educate about the facts and features of a service or product. But in these competitive marketing times, an effective white paper will focus less on facts and features and more on how it will benefit your prospect.

To merely write down a bunch of facts and figures, fails at the white papers ultimate purpose which is to compel and sell. Thus, content that captures the attention and interest of the reader as it leads them towards and into the buying process is imperative.

Weaving all these elements and considerations into a white paper takes special skill, understanding and intuition about the marketing process, attributes which I bring to white paper content creation.

Proposals are, in a sense, not much unlike a white paper. In a proposal, your ideas should be presented in a manner which will convince the reader to support your project. So, writing it well is absolutely critical to achieving your project's goals. Once you identify the appropriate individuals who may be interested in your project, your ideas will have much more credibility if they are presented in an organized, concise, grammatical, properly punctuated, intelligent and persuasive style.

As an expert in writing marketing driven white papers and proposals, I invest considerable pre-writing time thoroughly educating myself about your law firm or business and understanding the minds and motivations of your potential clients and customers. And throughout the writing process, I am mindful of your end goals as I masterfully integrate essential marketing strategies.