Almost every lawyer I engage knows they should be blogging on a regular basis—and yet very few are. This creates a problem for their websites because, in such a competitive industry, it’s very difficult to maintain dominant rankings without creating consistent, high-quality content that engages their prospective clients and makes Google notice.

Google wants to see that your website is being updated with fresh content and that these updates are happening on a regular basis so you appear higher in the search results.

When you appear higher in Google’s search results, this puts your business in front of more prospective clients. This means that the solution to winning more clients is to blog consistently with relevant, timely posts. To do this, you have to make sure your website is giving Google fresh content on a schedule that is well thought out and meticulously maintained over a long period of time.

Of course, keeping up with the industry and writing monthly articles is prohibitively time-consuming for most attorneys. What’s more, as an attorney, you’re adept at writing motions, and briefs: marketing-savvy writing is entirely different. For that, you need a content writer who not only knows the law business but also knows the attorney ethics of advertising and is a skilled journalist and marketer.

That’s what I offer clients as a legal content writer.

After my clients define the types of cases they want, I create a content calendar up to six months in advance and write articles over that period. This ensures your website is always publishing unique, high-quality content, just as Google likes to see, on a website that’s high ranking in a competitive niche. Or we can start with one blog post and grow together.

What About Time-Sensitive Content?

When topics are scheduled in advance, it’s typically not going to be time-sensitive or specific to local news issues. Because time-sensitive content is an excellent way to reach a large audience when the public’s focus turns to a specific legal topic, we can intersect the pre-planned blog schedule to inject a current article when a hot topic is related to your practice area.

For example, one of my criminal defense attorney clients saw over 1,200 visits to his website in one day because of a local excessive police force incident that rendered a man paralyzed and was extensively covered by the media. Because there’s no way to predict what topics will be good opportunities to blog or write about, it’s important to stay opportunistic with things like this, even when a content calendar is in place.

What Level of Writing Can You Expect from Debra Holz?

My legal articles are 100% unique and written at a reader-friendly level. While my articles are usually SEO (search engine optimization) keyword driven, I don’t write content strictly for search engines. All my content is written with end-users in mind because the goal is always to win more clients for you. My content is proven to help clients rank competitively and convert traffic into customers.

That said, I tell my attorney clients that nothing I write will be like a motion or brief, but I will re-frame complicated legal language and turn it into content that compels, converts, and sells.